Office of the President is a department which is rich in history and created in 1971

  In 2003, After the Ministry of Education issued a law to build a Government agency in the university, the office of the President was a part of a Government agency office since then

  The office of the President is divided into 3 divisions ; Division of General Administration Divition, Division of policy and planning and Division of Student Affairs


      The office of the President is a center of an organization mainly in the university, to provide the

President with the support needed to govern effectively. It has responsibility for tasks ranging form ​

coordinating and managing the President's message.It consist of several offices and agencies,

such as​​

​ General Administration Division

​ Meeting and Ceremony Section

  Human Resources section


  Procurement section

  ​Legal Affaires Section

​ Buildings and Landscape section

  Transportlation Section

  Welfare Section

  Pulicy and Planning Section

​ International Relations office